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Dyeing and sizing

Both of our continuous type dyeing and sizing range are characterized with optimized Human operation, intelligent control and calculated precision controlling processes. These two machines are capable of dying and sizing a wide range of yarn counts (6’s-40’s) in Indigo, Sulphur Black, SBIT, IBST with various casts. The 16 dye bath set including steamers ensures good fastness, color intensity and shade consistency. An innovative roller system above the baths allows bi-color dying for creating striped denims. These machines can be operated in separate sections, the front end includes the refinery section, dyeing/drying /sizing/washing/drying section, which are operated in a fixed speed for uniform dyeing, sizing and drying operations, the back end consists of the beam loading apparatus The division keeps colors and sizing ratios unchanged on the front end for consistent quality and efficiency while replacing the beam creels for a new lot at the back end section resulting in consistent shade.